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Are chiropractic treatment expenses covered under medical insurance?

Mr. Leung hurt his right elbow while playing badminton. He consulted several doctors, received physiotherapy treatment, and then submitted claims for reimbursement of medical expenses under his medical policy.

Mr. Leung was able to claim most of his medical expenses. However, his Insurer refused to reimburse the medical expenses charged by a chiropractor. Mr. Leung did not understand this.

In general, medical insurance reimburses medical expenses incurred for consulting a “Registered Medical Practitioner” – that is, a practitioner qualified by a degree in Western medicine and legally registered under the Medical Registration Ordinance in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, chiropractors do not fulfill either of these criteria.

Unless specifically mentioned, chiropractic treatment expenses are usually not covered under medical insurance. Customers are advised to take into account whether special treatment (i.e. chiropractic treatment) coverage is required based on their lifestyle if they are interested in purchasing medical insurance. If, by any chance, that special treatment is required, it is recommended that the customer check carefully whether the special treatment is covered in the medical insurance plan he/she is thinking of buying during the purchase selection. Take MSIG’s Medisure Plus as an example - our Executive plan includes chiropractic treatment expenses for accidental injury to suit the protection needs of sporty customers like Mr. Leung.

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