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All-round protection against cancer

MediSure Plus covers ‘Targeted Therapy’ costs up to the maximum limit.

Early detection and effective treatment offers patients the best chance of beating cancer. Advances in cancer research have led to new therapies that offer hope to many cancer sufferers, but not all insurers will cover the associated costs.

Traditional Chemotherapy is generally delivered intravenously and is not very specific. The drugs may reach those parts of the body that are diseased, but usually go elsewhere too causing unwanted side effects. On the other hand, Targeted Therapy is generally delivered via oral agents and aims to be very specific about the parts of the body that are treated. This can improve overall effectiveness and reduce unwanted side effects. However, the expensive cost of Targeted Therapy drugs might deter patients from seeking treatment.


Targeted Therapy

Not specific Very specific
Mostly intravenous Mostly oral agents
Cytotoxic Mixture of Cytostatic; Cytotoxic

Learn more about our insurance plans: MediSure Plus healthcare insurance plan covers the cost of the Targeted Therapy ‘as charged’, up to the maximum limit of each plan, under the Hospital & Related Services Benefit, rendering all-round protection which helps the patient to fight cancer. This is a valuable benefit that you may want to consider when selecting a health insurance plan.

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