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Advice on Emergency Medical Evacuation of Group Medical Plans

In the event of medical emergencies overseas, our service pledges are: always to act in the best interests of the insured; and to provide an emergency contact and treatment approval out of office hours.

An employee of a company insured with our Group Medical Plan suddenly felt dizzy and fell down when he was walking up a slope during his business trip in Vietnam. This caused traumatic brain and spinal injuries. With the doctor’s declaration and approval, the patient was safely repatriated back to Hong Kong by an Air Ambulance with escort doctor and nurse and conveyed to Queen Mary Hospital for immediate treatment 4 days after the accident.

We strive to offer the best for the insured but the above example illustrates that there are some significant points that you should be aware of in order to obtain the evacuation protection. First, it is very important that the patient is proven to be safe to fly with the medical report and ‘Fit to Fly' certificate issued by the attending medical practitioner. Without such a declaration and certificate, the emergency repatriation cannot be arranged. This will be made clear to those who call the 24-hour emergency hotline, but it is a vital travel tip that is worth sharing with you in advance.

Second, the Air Ambulance service is not provided on a regular basis. Therefore, we may not be able to arrange immediate service but can in turn arrange for a commercial aircraft to be equipped with emergency medical facilities. In fact, emergency medical facilities and services are of consistently high quality for both commercial aircraft and Air Ambulances. It is because we always act in the best interests of the insured so as to ensure that you are provided with comprehensive services of the best quality.

Third, when arranging taking off and landing of an Air Ambulance or refitting an ordinary commercial aircraft to become a medical evacuation plane, time is needed for coordination with different parties for obtaining sanction and deployment. Yet we know every minute counts. We guarantee that we will make the necessary arrangements as fast as we can.

The coverage of emergency evacuation is provided under all our Group Medical Plans, only subject to the territorial limits of services stated in each particular policy. Customers are advised to check their policy before the trip.

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