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3-day prior notice for Hospitalisation Payment Guarantee

Hospitalisation is never pleasant. But, a Hospitalisation Payment Guarantee can help to relieve much of your financial stress, even for a short-term stay.

A Hospitalisation Payment Guarantee is available to you with the MediSure Plus insurance policy, and is specially designed to help you relax during your stay. It couldn't be easier. Simply contact MSIG at least 3 days prior to your hospital admission, making sure all admission details provided by your doctor(s) are submitted to MSIG to avoid any delay of your payment guarantee.

If there is an emergency, please make sure you notify MSIG of your intention to apply for a Hospitalisation Payment Guarantee once you are admitted to the hospital – this allows MSIG and the hospital as much time as they need to process your application. By doing this, you avoid the burden of a cash or credit card settlement and then having to seek reimbursement, which can take up to 7 days.

Please make sure you or your client informs MSIG of any upcoming claims as soon as possible, especially with urgent or emergency cases, to allow your claim to be processed promptly.

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