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‘MSIG Trip of Shoryudo’ videos are now live!

Once again, MSIG has teamed up with the popular Facebook travel fan page, Flyagain.la, to launch a 6-episode video campaign, ‘MSIG Trip of Shoryudo’, featuring valuable travel insurance tips, and to introduce our Asia Miles promotion; as well as the latest mobile app. Click the links below to view the videos.
The first episode introduces Shirakawa, a place where the local natural landscape and historical buildings are beautifully preserved. We introduce a few local delicacies, including Hida beef rice cakes and sweet wines. You’ll also learn some traditional crafts for souvenir gifts!
The second episode takes us to Kurobe Tateyama, with six different modes of transport introduced to get you there! Enjoy magnificent snow scenes and the Tateyama great snow wall.
The third episode introduces Kamikochi: “the land where the gods descend”. The crystal-clear lake is surrounded by stunning volcanoes and snowy mountains, including the nearby active volcano, Mount Yake.
In the fourth episode, we travel to Omicho market, known as the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens. Your guides taste delicious and fresh crab and shrimp, prepared in an authentic local style.  
More videos will be launched in July and August, so stay tuned!
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