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Video tutorials now available for completion of travel insurance claims form

Our most recent research study on customer claims experience indicated a very high level of satisfaction. But customers also gave us valuable feedback to suggest that we could do a step further if we provided extra help on how to complete the claim form in certain circumstances.

We embrace such feedback enthusiastically because proper completion of the claim form helps us to process claims more effectively, so that customers get a quicker resolution.

Beginning with Travel Insurance, we now have 6 short video animations available on the website which clarify the most common "How to?" questions that our customer face.

Watch the newly released batch of videos now!

1. Who is the claimant? [click HERE]

2. More than one claimant? Whose bank account details should I provide? [click HERE]

3. If I am injured, should I claim under Medical Expenses or Personal Accident? [click HERE]

4. Missed or delayed flights - how should I complete the form? [click HERE]

5. Property loss/damage - how should I complete the form? [click HERE]

6. Claimants under 18 years old - why is a birth certificate required? [click HERE]
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